What is the Greater Seymour Trust Fund?

The Greater Seymour Trust Fund was established by Elbert S. Welch in 1969 to serve the charitable, cultural, scientific, religious, literary, and educational needs of the community. It receives funds from public-spirited citizens as gifts or bequests to be held by the Trustee, Jackson County Bank.

A board of Managers of the Trust Fund allocates the money from the Funds for a wide range of public purposes. Its purpose is to assist, encourage and promote the welfare of present and future residents of the community without regard to race, color or creed. The Board of Managers consists of the Mayor of Seymour, the President of the Seymour Jaycees, three at-large members and the President and Trust Officer of Jackson County Bank.

The fund has bank management and trust safeguards. Contributions to the trust qualify as charitable contributions which may result in income tax and estate tax savings.


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